a reason for why the access was denied

After I enabled the SSL for diiop, I could not create session using java code. The code I wrote is as below:

String[] arg2 = new String[1];
arg2[0] = “-ORBEnableSSLSecurity”;
Session s = NotesFactory.createSession(hostName, arg2, userName, password);

and I caught the exception below:

NotesException: Server access denied
    at lotus.domino.NotesExceptionHelper.read(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.domino.NotesExceptionHolder._read(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.priv.CORBA.iiop.RepImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.priv.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl._invoke(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.domino.corba._IObjectServerStub.createSession(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.domino.cso.Session.initSession(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.domino.cso.Session.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.domino.cso.Session.createSession(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.domino.NotesFactory.createSessionUP(Unknown Source)
    at lotus.domino.NotesFactory.createSession(Unknown Source)
    at TesterGetSession.doGetSession_2(TesterGetSession.java:58)
    at TesterGetSession.main(TesterGetSession.java:17)

The reason for this, is because, I set the ‘Name & password’ of the ‘Authentication options’ to ‘No’. And in the code, you could see that, I pass the username and the password to the method. So the access was denied.

The resolution is to set the ‘Name & password’ to ‘Yes’ under ‘Configuration’ ->’Ports’ -> ‘Internet Ports…’ -> ‘DIIOP’.

Though it is a tiny configuration issue, it is really annoying a lot if you do not know what is going on.

The below are discussions I referred to:




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